We build the lung
for the planet

A pioneering biomimetic Direct Air Capture technology

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Realizing the massive challenge
of climate change will take your breath away

According to leading scientists:
10 billion t CO2

Must be removed from the air annually by 2050 to meet our climate targets.

Equals ~25x weight

Of all humans on earth combined.

Only 0.04% of CO2

In in the air making it very hard to capture.

Act now!

Humanity needs all technologies to remove CO2 from the air (CDR) and avoids further pollution. Direct Air Capture (net negative CO2 footprint) focuses on atmospheric CO2 as input, with high concentrated CO2 gas as output, which can be stored long term (carbon credits) or used to produce products (e.g. synthetic fuels).

our Solution
Take a deep breath

Ucaneo develops a pioneering biomimetic Direct Air Capture technology.

We believe that the most efficient way to restore a healthy atmosphere at these low CO2 concentrations, can be found at one of nature’s greatest miracles: the human lung.

Direct Air Capture is normally very energy intensive and expensive. Similar to a chemical sponge most DAC technologies bind CO2 through strong covalent atomic bonds to chemicals, which require heat to break it up again.

Similar to the human lung, we are not creating strong covalent bonds but just dissolve CO2 as bicarbonates (negatively charged ions in an electrolyte) leveraging (bio)catalysts and electrochemistry to remove the CO2 at room temperature highly energy efficiently.

Imagine 35,000 trees on 15m2!
our Product

We build the Tesla of Direct Air Capture

The future is electrical and modular scalables

Providing high quality carbon credits to help your company become carbon neutral

Ucaneo’s technology enables cost efficient removal of CO2 from air. Accelerate this groundbreaking development by pre-purchasing carbon credits today.

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Enabling the factories of the future and powering the new carbon economy

Ucaneo aims to open the gates to a whole new sector of climate solutions. Collaborate with us today to develop game-changing CO2 utilization processes for tomorrow.

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We combine world leading science and startup skills to make this a reality

Co-Founder & CEO
Ex-McKinsey I Venture Building I Climate Tech
Co-Founder & CTO
Ex-Startup | SynBio / BioTech | Product
Head of R&D
Electrochemistry I Power-to-X I Battery Cell Engineering
Electrochemistry I Catalysts I Material Science
Senior (Protein) Chemist
Chemistry I Protein Engineering
Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Engineering I Design Engineering
Material Scientist
Material Science I Protein & Polymer Chemistry
Process Engineer
Chemical Engineering I Dynamic Process Simulations

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